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FOOL'S MATE EXPRESS Vol. 3 Interview (April 2008)
Interview by Akemi Oshima
The fusion of fashion and music - total art
   This is the birth of a new wind that blows up the outworn image of Visual Kei. 

   The band's name comes from a character of the children-story "The Moomins". She (Moran) is obviously sinister, she has problems because of her alienation and her cruel self and she is lonely. She has all that in common with the philosophy of life that the band want to make up. For the first time we have talked to those four, who created a new band and a new style. (Read more...)

Squeeze Spirits

Squeeze Spirits Vol. 8
    Interview by Misato Toyooka (Editor)
How much have we been expectating this day? At last, Moran made their first cry. Suitable for their theme gTotal Arth, everything they express is brimming with originality and hides things we might not know yet. The door to a new maze opened. Welcome to Moranfs wonderlandc.

    Personal Data:
Hitomi - Velo - Zill - Soan - Sizna*
    Personal Interview: Hitomi - Velo - Zill - Soan
This data-sheet is from the time, when he was with Sugar.


Zy. Vol. 40 Interview (May 2008)
   Interview by Sachi Murayama
Moran - the only pioneer. 

   On March, 29th Moran officially started their activities. After Fatima's disbanding Hitomi (Kanoma) did some sessions while looking for band-members. Now he, Soan (Towa), ex. KuRt's Zill (Saburo) and a newbie called Velo have formed a 4-man group full of individuality. With aggressive and thrilling sounds they want to bring a change into the Visual Kei-scene. (Read more...)



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