At first, I want to thank Moran for all their work.

This site is dedicated to this great band, because I want to give oversea fans, who are not able to understand Japanese, the chance to find information about Moran.
This site is simply dedicated to Moran. Via email the band acknowledged this site and allowed me to run it, thus it is an (semi-?)official fanpage.  

All materials, information, images, scans, translations are not my property. All rights of the original works belong to their respective owners.

I'm not a native speaker of the Japanese language, thus all translations you read here are nothing but my personal interpretations. I don't guarantee their correctness.

Most of the translations, such as profiles, news and schedule are taken from
Moran's official site. The original rights of those writings belong to Moran.
The original lyrics, which I translated, are taken from Moran's CD-booklets and Fatima's OHP. All these lyrics are the wonderful work of Hitomi. I don't own them, I just did the translations.

The information you can find on this page are my very own translation-work. Please, by all means, don't direct-link and don't steal any of it. Saving them on your PC for personal use is all right, but before using them for your own site or any other work (magazines...), please contact me.

Furthermore, I clearly dissociate myself this site from the contents of the pages linked here. I don't have any influence on anything displayed, said, etc. the pages linked on Nigeguchi. Please contact the owners of these pages, if something bothers.

Please remember: If you really respect the artists and if you like them, buy their stuff. They do all that for you, so just give them something back. Buying CDs is just a little support and you benefit from it, too. Be sure, you won't regret it.


Disclaimer: I clearly dissociate myself from the pages linked on this website. The rights of all images and original texts belong to their creators and owners, I don‘t claim them as my own work. In addition, I don‘t claim any rightness for any (translated) information presented on this website.